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Build Quality into Deliverables

April 11, 2023 Kaye B Episode 28
PMP in a Snap
Build Quality into Deliverables
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Maintaining a focus on quality that produces deliverables that meet project objectives are important. This lesson is about the importance of quality in deliverables  All lessons are based on the PMBOK®, 7th Edition.  

 CAPMP, PMP and PMBOK are registered marks of Project Management Institute, Inc. 

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I’m your host, Kaye B and we’re talking about building Quality into Deliverables.


You don’t finish projects that are not to the spec of the stakeholder’s expectation. This is why you need to build quality into your processes and deliverables. The deliverable can be in a product, service or a result that fulfills the requirements. 


Project quality entails satisfying stakeholders’ expectations and fulfilling project and product requirements. It also focuses on meeting acceptance criteria for deliverables and ensuring that project processes are appropriate and effective as possible. 

There are several dimensions of quality:

-       Performance: does the deliverable function properly

-       Conformity: If the deliverable is fit for use

-       Reliability: Is the deliverable consistent each time it is used

-       Resilience: can it recover quickly with unforeseen failures

-       Satisfaction: does it have positive satisfaction

-       Uniformity: it is similar with other deliverables

-       Efficiency: does the deliverable give you more bang for the buck

-       Sustainability: does it have a positive impact on economic, social, and environmental parameters

That is your PMP in 60 seconds. Next week we’re talking about quality management processes and practices.